Showreel 2018

This showreel features video bits primarily during my time at Frame. Clients include:
Jaguar, Ford, Ecco, Louis Poulsen, Bo Concept, Bestseller, TV2, TV3 plus, Telenor, Tivoli. 
I designed a full typeface, seen in the video. This typeface is titled Mount Westh.
Contact me if interested in using.

Animation: Aske Westh
Typeface design: Aske Westh
Soundtrack: by Ukiyo - idk

Mount Westh - inspired by mountains, exploration and adventure. 
Works great as a display font. 
If I have infringed a copyright, I have done so unintentionally. 
Authenticated claims in this regard will of course be honoured, on the same basis as prior permission.
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